Machine Translation Post-Editing

MTPE is a linguistic procedure based on automatic translation with Machine Translation software and subsequent Post Editing (review) by a professional. This process allows quick translations at a lower cost and quality than a completely “human” translation. It is particularly suitable for texts for in-house corporate or private use, which will not be published or disclosed.
IDEAL FOR QUICK, LOW-COST TRANSLATIONS If all we need is to understand the meaning of a text written in Japanese, Russian or other languages, a translation performed by software and edited by a professional translator may be more than sufficient. In jargon, this form of translation is known as MTPE, which stands for Machine Translation & Post-Editing. We can use MTPE to quickly perform a wide variety of translations for private, commercial and business purposes. Think for instance of tenders and documentation that you need knowledge of and have to evaluate before participating with your company or business. As in so many other scenarios, it may make more sense to limit the work to a quick translation, which not only ensures a reduced timeframe but also offers the benefit of being cheaper than a complete and thorough translation by a mother-tongue translator. When should it be used? That depends! Contact our experts without obligation and see whether your translation can be handled with MTPE.
HOW AN MTPE TRANSLATION WORKS (AND WHEN IT IS USEFUL) Let’s take a closer look at how an MTPE translation works. First of all, the first stage, as the name suggests, is carried out by a machine, i.e.: a CAT software tool. While these kinds of software are very fast, they also tend to make serious processing errors. These errors then have to be detected and corrected in the subsequent Post-Editing phase by a real-life translator. The translator commissioned to to the job must be an expert in MTPE, trained in the handling of specific text processing tools and specialised in the terminology to be used in the field in question. MTPE translation is never a shortcut but rather tool with limitations, to be used in very specific situations. Editorial, communication and marketing texts, for example, are ill-suited for this type of translation, because they could compromise the effectiveness of complex messages, delivering content that fails to express its full persuasive potential. However, if you think MTPE could be right for you and if you would like to know more about our MTPE translation rates and methods, please contact us by email or phone today.


  • the translation of materials for internal company use
  • the interpretation of university texts or texts for private use
  • do-it-yourself communication projects, where the focus is on saving money and staying within budget