Online interpreting is a practical and effective way to break down the language and logistical barriers involved in communication. It is a service that allows online meetings with people who speak different languages without having to organise a meeting in person.


Meetings and negotiations are no longer held exclusively in person. Remote contacts and calls have become standard practice. This is also true for interpreting services, with a simple online appointment allowing the interpreter to handle the translation without having to bear the costs of accommodation, meals and travel, plus the rental or purchase of booths and technical equipment (such as headsets and receivers). As well as saving money, remote interpreting also saves time, as it makes it possible to work with mediators who are not in the immediate vicinity. It also makes it quicker and easier to find language expertswho work with rare language combinations, and to deal with organisational hitches and sudden changes of plan. And it is also possible for those who wish to do so, to record the audio and what happens on the screen thanks to screen grabbing programmes.

Our online interpreting service

An interpreting service that lives up to all expectations is based on a few essential points. A webcam, a microphone, a connection and, of course, a good interpreter. All you have to do is install the designated tool on your computer or tablet. We use the most common platforms, such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Skype, but also other more professional platforms such as Interprefy, Kudo and Ablio. Translation Agency will guide you in your choice of the best platform based on the number of participants and the type of meeting or event. We choose the interpreter or team of interpreters on a case-by-case basis, depending on the topic and the language combination required. Contact us for more information on our online interpreting service.

We recommend remote interpreting for::

  • short conferences with just a few participants
  • webinars, courses and training
  • B2B meetings
  • conference calls
  • virtual trade fairs and events
  • web meetings
  • any event where interpreting in person is not necessary