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1 - How long has your translation agency been operational?

Our Italian translation agency (link alla pagina “Italian_translation_agency.html”) has been active in the translation field since 1985.

2 - Can I visit your headquarters?

No problem whatsoever. Just phone for an appointment.

3 - Can I ask to be visited by one of your representatives?

Translation Agency business managers are at the customer’s disposal for meetings to identify the subject of the supply, availability of human resources, compatibility of hardware and software resources, production time schedules, problems linked to company terminology, final expectations and any other condition related to correct supply of the service requested. They will suggest the best operational solutions.

4 - How can I be sure of your professionalism / experience / references?

All the services and products we supply, from a simple business letter to a multi-volume technical translation, undergo quality controls right from the moment of receipt down to production process, Quality Control and delivery. For each type of service specific controls are envisaged, aimed at maintaining a high qualitative standard and the management and elimination of any “nonconformities”.
More than 30 years of experience and faithful, satisfied customers in Italy and abroad bear witness to the fact that Translation Agency follows extremely rigorous production and control procedures in supplying its services, and that it sets objectives of excellence and ongoing improvement. Highly professional organisation in continual growth that operates in synergy with skilled, qualified collaborators has made Translation Agency a widely consolidated and respected company in the world of linguistic services.

5 - What do you mean by Aided Translation?

A CAT Tool (Computer Aided Translation) is software that can create a work environment which is more compatible with the functions proper to translation and pagination activities and which helps translators (without of course replacing their indispensable professionalism), thus ensuring numerous advantages:
– Terminological uniformity: the system produces and updates a specific terminological database. Approved terms are automatically highlighted with the appropriate translation in a specific window. This means avoiding the risk of using terms that do not conform with the approved ones.
It may also be utilised when a team of translators work together on the same document, thus maintaining perfect terminological uniformity.
– Maintaining original format: a special programme interface “conceals” the formatting codes and styles used by the DTP programme that generated the document and separates the graphics from the text to be translated: so the translator works only on the texts that appear without formatting, i.e. in the environment most congenial to him. With the work completed the translated texts can be “re-imported” to the original DTP format without losing graphics, pagination etc. Here too the advantages are evident.

6 - Is it important to compile a glossary?

The glossary is a fundamental tool which guarantees a quality translation service and adherence to the terminology employed by the Customer’s company.
The glossary can be compiled using:
– Reference material supplied by the Customer
– Reference documentation prepared previously
– Monolingual or bilingual sector-specific dictionaries
– Specific dictionaries dealing with particular apparatus or systems
– Terminological research on sector company websites
Each glossary is submitted to the Customer for approval and for any corrections or observations.
For large scale projects the glossary is created by means of computer aided translation.

7 - Do you accept small jobs of even less than a page?

Yes, we accept small jobs. There is a minimum one-sheet charge for jobs of less than that length.

8 - How can I request a personalised estimate?

Estimates may be requested verbally, or in writing, or by using the online forms. For greater estimating precision it is best to attach the material (file, hard copy etc.).
Translation Agency’s services are formalised by an estimate/offer issued by the Business Manager. Where several services are envisaged, these will be described in detail.
On receiving the order the Translation Agency Product Manager will provide for re-examination of the contract (in accordance with our Quality System methods) and for drawing up the work plan, which is identified by a special reference number for each project. This number will be communicated to the Customer on delivery of the supply and will appear on the invoice.

9 - Does your agency have translators and interpreters for all source and target languages?

Yes, we have translators and interpreters for all languages, both in Italy and abroad.

10 - I’m a translator. How can I send my CV in order to work with you?

Attach it to the special form on our site. The form must be filled in completely.

11 - What are your selection criteria for collaborators?

Translation Agency uses only native speaker translators with sector specialisation. A preferential requisite is at least 5 years of experience in the translation world. Our translators are selected individually for their skills and specialisation and are highly qualified. Updating on the most advanced technologies and terminologies is ongoing whether the field of translation be technical, medical and scientific, financial, in the aerospace sector or generally in sectors in continual evolution. Moreover our translators are constantly evaluated on the basis of feedback we receive: in this way we can guarantee our customers a job done by the most suitable translation team for their product or service, their company and their activity.
New translators and interpreters are directly supervised by our Quality Managers for at least one year. With view to achieving greater terminological coherency and a constant quality of translation, for each customer the same translators are used in a systematic and ongoing way. A stability parameter to reflect on: 80% of our translators have been working with us for 20/30 years.

12 - Is it possible to set up an ongoing working relationship with you?

Of course. Contact our business service for further details. We are ready to grant our clients price reductions in case of ongoing working relationship and large translation volumes.

13 - Are there special discounts for companies in the services sector that resell your services to their own customers?

Yes, we already work with several companies in this context. Please contact our business service for further details.

14 - What’s the difference between translation and localisation?

The translation process is something that goes beyond the terminological conversion of a text from one language to another. Every text transmits a message that must be transported in its entirety into another language, respecting the informative and cultural context. Localisation is closely linked to this concept: it means adapting a product or service to the conditions and conventions proper to the end-user country while maintaining intact the specificity and the integrity of the code and message transmitted.

15 - Can you also download websites for translation/localisation?

We can download and translate/localise all Web formats thanks to TagEditor®, the standard acknowledged in the sector for Web and DTP formats with tag. The formats HTML, ASP, JSP, SGML, XML and XSL can be opened directly with TagEditor®, thanks to advanced conversion mechanisms. Alternatively, the website text to be translated can be extracted as a file of Office® and translated directly with the corresponding programme.

16 - How should source language material be sent to you for translation?

Material for translation can be sent by attaching the file(s) to our online estimate request form, or as an ordinary attachment to our e-mail addresses or by FTP, WeTransfer, fax, courier etc.

17 - How do you handle the personal data received through the contact forms on your site?

Personal data communicated through our contact forms are recorded and protected electronically, and handled wholly confidentially by Translation Agency for its own company purposes, connected with or instrumental to its activities.
In accordance with Art. 13 of Italian Law N° 675/96, you have the right to access your data and request corrections, additions, cancellation or blocking.

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